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A Gap Year or Two Can Enhance Your Medical School Application

While not ideal for everyone, a gap year can increase your odds if you use your time wisely.

What is a Good MCAT Score?

Discover what MCAT you need to be a competitive medical school applicant and where you should apply based on your MCAT score.

MCAT Test Dates and Score Release Dates 2021

Learn the 2020-2021 MCAT test dates and score release dates so you can be ready to apply!

What Does it take to get into FlexMed at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai?

Find out what GPA, SAT, and activities you need to get into FlexMed. Discover how to write the most interesting essays, too!

Medical School Letter of Recommendation Ultimate Guide

Learn everything you need to know about letter of recommendation. Who should you ask? How many do you need?

Ace the VITA Interview!

Discover everything you need to know about the VITA interview!

AMCAS Work and Activities: The Ultimate Guide

Follow our guidance to compose the work and activities entries with the most impact. Examples included!

Medical School Application Timeline (2021-2022)

Step-by-step guide to make sure you complete your medical school application efficiently! Recommended deadlines included!

How to Write a Great Medical School Personal Statement: The Insider’s Guide

Read our insider’s guide to the medical school personal statement and compose a stand-out piece!

The Medical School Interview Ultimate Guide

Find out how to navigate the toughest and most common medical school interview questions.

MMI Medical School Interview Ultimate Guide

After reading this guide, you may actually be excited for your MMI interview!

Medical School Admissions Statistics and Acceptance Rates

Discover all the data you need and want about medical school admissions statistics!

Where you Should Apply to Medical School & Easiest Medical Schools to get Into

Where should you apply to medical school based on your stats and state residency? What are the “easiest” medical schools to get into?

Medical School Requirements Ultimate Guide

Find out the stated and unstated “requirements” to get into medical school.

Definitive Guide to TMDSAS (2021-2022)

Applying to medical school in Texas? Find out everything you need to know about TMDSAS!

The Best Premed Major: A Definitive Guide

Thinking about what to major in? Is there a “best choice” for premedical students?

Medical Schools in Texas: Rankings and how to get in

Interested in Texas medical schools? Find out everything you need to kno

Medical Schools in California: Rankings and how to get in

Going to medical school in California is a great goal! Find out what GPA/MCAT and experiences you need for success.

How to get into: Stanford, UCLA, UCSF

Medical Schools in New York: Rankings and how to get In

Home to many exceptional medical schools, discover what it takes to get into a New York Medical School!

How to get into: Columbia, Cornell, Einstein, Icahn Mount Sinai, New York Medical College, New York University

Medical Schools in Florida: Rankings and how to get In

Get a great medical education in a temperate climate. What do you need to know?

How to get into: Miami

Medical Schools in Maryland: Rankings and how to get In

How to get into: Johns Hopkins

Medical Schools in Massachusetts: Rankings and how to get In

Home of THE medical school.

How to get into: Harvard Medical School

Medical Schools in North Carolina: Rankings and how to get In

While North Carolina doesn’t have a ton of medical schools, the handful it does have are excellent!

How to get into: Duke

Medical Schools in Pennsylvania: Rankings and how to get In

Pennsylvania has a wide range of medical schools and is a great state to live in as a graduate student.

How to get into: Perelman/University of Pennsylvania, Drexel

MCAT Score Conversion and Percentiles

Want to know where you stand?

BS/MD Programs: How to get In

What do you need to do stand out in the BS/MD admissions process?

MD versus DO: What are the differences?

Find out if an allopathic or osteopathic medical education is best for you.

Reapplying to Medical School: What went wrong and how to improve your odds

As a reapplicant to medical school, you are in good company! Find out what you need to do to get in the second time around.

How to ask for a Medical School Letter of Recommendation

One size does not fit all. Discover how to ask for a letter of recommendation

Medical School Letter of Intent

What is a medical school letter of intent and when should I send one?

Medical School Secondary Essays

As the final part of your written application, find out how to write great secondary essays!

CASPer: The Facts

Do not stress about CASPer. Read this article to learn what you should know about it.