Residency Match

Personal Statement Editing

editOur team has read thousands of residency personal statements and admissions essays. It is imperative that your personal statement be distinctive, well written and intriguing. We work with you to draw out your unique voice or personal story so you are perceived in an intelligent, professional, organized, and original manner. The admissions officer who reads your essay has read hundreds of others so it is crucial that your essay stand out. One of the most common mistakes applicants make is to write an essay they think is original but, in reality, is commonplace and trite. At MedEdits, we weed out such story lines and make suggestions for change and improvement.

Every personal statement submitted to MedEdits is reviewed by Dr. Freedman and a professional editor. As part of our editing process, we do much more than correct your grammar and language. We will make extensive content suggestions to ensure you present yourself in the most compelling manner possible. As a former residency admissions officer, Dr. Freedman has a deep and intimate understanding of your target audience and will transform your personal statement in to a strong and well written work that will immediately distinguish your candidacy.

Fee: $900

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