Medical School Admissions Consulting You Can Trust.

The answer is simple. You won’t find better.

  • You will receive authentic support.
  • We are aggressive about your success.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry.

At MedEdits we realize that the large array of medical school admissions consulting and editing companies can overwhelm even the most conscientious “consumer.” To help you choose the best organization to work with you or your loved one, we are outlining what distinguishes us so you can make an informed decision.

When deciding with whom to invest, you should ask yourself the two following questions:

  1. What kind of experience do I want the person or people I work with to have?
  2. What type of help am I looking for?

First, let’s focus on what MedEdits is not:

  • We are not entrepreneurs from other industries who have studied the medical admissions data and process to guide you. These individuals have no actual experience in clinical medicine, academic medicine, or medical admissions.
  • We do not hire medical students or current residents in training who have gone through the process themselves but have zero admissions experience.
  • We are not a generalist admissions consulting company that focuses on other professional schools, such as law, business, or college. We live and breathe medical admissions. Medical admissions is our singular focus; it’s all we do.
  • We do not have investors or third parties to please. We dedicate all of our energy and efforts to our students.
  • We are not a “side hustle.” This is our full time commitment and we won’t be returning phone calls or reviewing documents “between cases” or “after our real jobs.”

The majority of our competition are larger companies with investors who hire inexperienced medical students and advisors. They are more concerned with profits than outcomes.

While all medical school admissions consultants, including the types listed above, may be a help, they are outsiders and not privy to the nuances of what goes on in the medical admissions process. Many of them are also not 100% committed to this work; they may be motivated by the business opportunity or see it as a “sideline” job.

We hope, by highlighting who we are and what is important to MedEdits, you can decide if we are the right ‘fit” for you! The MedEdits Difference sets us apart from every other medical school admissions consulting company.

  • Our advisors are all former admissions officers, and our company has more than 20 years of medical admissions experience. We have actually made the difficult admissions decisions and understand what goes on behind the scenes. We are insiders who know how things work behind closed doors. Since we know how admissions officers think, we communicate how to work that to your advantage by demystifying the process. None of our competitors have worked as medical school leaders in medical education, admissions, and in clinical medicine.
  • Our founder, Dr. Jessica Freedman, is a physician and former medical school faculty member at the Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine. This is why MedEdits closely resembles the structure and ideals of an academic medical institution. Our faculty includes physicians, writer/editors, former medical school admissions directors, and deans. We work collaboratively and have a diverse group of professionals on our faculty, which reflects the real world of academic medicine.
  • We are specialists. Medical admissions is all we do. No generalist admissions company can match our knowledge of academic medicine and medical admissions.
  • We consistently review medical admissions data, staying up to date with trends in medical admissions and clinical medicine.
  • Our success rates are phenomenal; more than 94% of our students are accepted to medical school the first time they apply. An even higher percentage of our students match in to their top-choice specialties.
  • We offer unlimited document revisions. However, because we understand that the one thing most applicants don’t have is unlimited time, we work efficiently and effectively. We are able to do this because all of our editors are professional writer/editors with many years of experience; no other company offers this benefit. The vast majority of MedEdits students write submission-worthy documents in three to five revisions. We help you to tell your story in your own voice; we won’t ghostwrite your documents.
  • Our document turnaround times are fast, two to three business days, but not so fast that we feel rushed when working on your documents, which can compromise quality.
  • We have admissions experts in whatever you need – BS/MD, AMCAS, TMDSAS, ERAS, med school admissions, medical specialties, and college. We also don’t want or expect our faculty to work in areas where they are not comfortable nor where they have no expertise. This is why we have medical admissions writer/editors on our faculty. The reality is that medical educators are often not that skilled at reviewing and editing admissions documents, and they generally are not comfortable doing this kind of work.
  • We know this process is very stressful, and we are here to provide the emotional as well as academic support you need. We encourage our students to reach out when they feel stressed, confused, or discouraged so we can reinvigorate, motivate, and inspire them! Need to talk to someone immediately? Call our office and speak to someone knowledgeable.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We don’t sugarcoat; we will be honest and straightforward about your “chances” and what you need to improve them (if necessary). We don’t make empty promises or offer any “guarantees.” MedEdits will help you in the most practical, efficient, and supportive way we can by offering personalized guidance and advice to help you reach your goals.

Whether you are a pre med considering how to earn the highest MCAT score, a med school applicant working on your medical school primary application, or a medical student trying to get a residency at a top medical school, MedEdits can help. We assist with all aspects of the premed and application process including the medical school application, secondary application and secondary essays, and offer interview prep.

By working with MedEdits, you will learn important life skills that will be transferrable to your everyday life and into the future. By understanding the politics of academic medicine, you will be better positioned to navigate medical school, residency, and your future career. 

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