How to Beat 8,900 Applicants and get into NYU Medical School (2021)

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With free tuition, NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York City has become an increasingly attractive medical school for applicants across the country. What are NYU Langone medical school’s admissions requirements? NYU has always been a very competitive and popular medical school and that popularity increased when the school started offering full tuition scholarships in 2018 as announced by the board of trustees. In this comprehensive guide we will outline how to increase your chances of getting in to NYU medical school by explaining the different aspects of your background, candidacy, and application that will factor in to NYU’s interview and admissions decision. Keep in mind that NYU also has a medical school on Long Island (NYU Long Island School of Medicine) that is focused on educating primary care physicians. We will not be discussing NYU Long Island in this article.

There are many pieces that contribute to a successful NYU medical school application, but, you want to focus on five items to evaluate your competitiveness:

Let’s discuss each of these items in greater detail.

We’re proud that our medical students are well-rounded and versed in topics beyond the humanities and sciences.

NYU Medical School Average GPA

How to get into NYU Medical School

NYU is one of the most competitive medical schools in the country, and is ranked number 9 in the country by U.S. News for research. So, as you can imagine, the GPA required to be seriously considered for medical school admission is quite high.

  • Average GPAs for students accepted to NYU:
  • NYU Medical School GPA: 3.95 (range 3.74 – 4.0)
  • NYU Medical School BCPM GPA: 3.95 (range 3.69 – 4.0)

NYU will also expect you to demonstrate academic excellence through your coursework showing that you have tackled a challenging curriculum in college.

What are NYU medical school requirements?

Here are the courses NYU expects applicants to have:

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • English
  • Math – college level
  • Genetics
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Social Science

In addition to the courses listed, you should enroll in upper level science classes and show mastery of whatever discipline you major in. You do not need to major in a science. In fact, schools as prestigious as NYU hope to enroll a diverse group of students with a variety of intellectual interests and pursuits.

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NYU Medical School Average MCAT Score

mcat score to get into nyu medical school 510-527

NYU students have also earned very high MCAT scores. The average MCAT for accepted students is 522 with a range of 516 – 526. In our experience, students who have MCAT score less than 517-518 have a tough time earning interviews from NYU unless there is something exceptional about their background, experiences, and/or circumstances.

Range of MCAT Scores for NYU School of Medicine Matriculants


2018-19 Admissions Cycle

NYU Medical School Experience Requirements

By reviewing what the vast majority of accepted students have participated in as premedical students, you can see what NYU values in an applicant’s experience profile.

Community Service/Volunteer work

Since 81% of students accepted to NYU have community service experience, NYU clearly likes to see applicants who have committed their time to other communities and people.  A good place to start looking for these types of opportunities is the Association of American Medical Colleges website. While there may be many good local opportunities in your area, use this link to get organized. 

Premed volunteer experiences to help you get into NYU medical school

Physician Shadowing/Observation

To demonstrate an understanding of what it means to practice medicine, NYU likes applicants to have shadowing or observational clinical exposure. 84% of students have this experience.

Medical/Clinical Community Service/Volunteer

In combining the two categories above, 85% of students have community service experience that is medical or clinical in nature. This means that students have volunteered in a clinical setting such as hospice or a free clinic.


A research-heavy school, it is not surprise that. A whopping 98% of students have some research experience. 

No one expects you to be an “expert” in every category above. In fact, a trend we are noticing is that medical schools, including NYU, are seeking applicants who have diverse experiences but show a “spike” of interest, or a particular passion in one specific area. What that area is doesn’t really matter, but, just as the field of medicine has a variety of specialists all who contribute something different, NYU is hoping to create a class of specialists who might have a niche in a certain area therefore being able to contribute to the overall diversity of the medical school class and community.

Summer Research Programs for Pre Med Students

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs for Pre Med Students

Since research is so important to your medical school candidacy, start putting together a list of opportunities as soon as possible. The AAMC has a great list of summer research programs to get your search started.  Visit their summer research page to find a local program. 

NYU Medical School Personal Statement

You will not write a medical school personal statement for NYU, specifically. Instead, you will apply to NYU through a centralized application service called AMCAS. The personal statement you write for AMCAS will be sent to NYU and all other AMCAS medical schools you apply to. Here are some basics about the AMCAS personal statement:

  1. The character limit for the AMCAS personal statement is 5,300 characters with spaces.
  2. The AMCAS personal statement instructions are as follows:

“Use the Personal Comments Essay as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Consider and write your Personal Comments Essay carefully; many admissions committees place significant weight on the essay.”

Click here to read more about some questions that you may want to consider while writing the essay.

NYU Medical School Work and Activities

NYU Grossman School of Medicine does not ask you to submit a CV or resume. Instead, NYU requires you to submit a centralized AMCAS application which requires you to write about your accomplishments in detail. These “work and activities entries” as they are called, are sent to NYU medical school as well as any other medical schools to which you apply through AMCAS.

Below are a few things you should know about the AMCAS work and activities.

AMCAS work & activities entries give you the chance to let medical schools know how much you’ve accomplished during your premed years.

  1. This section of the AMCAS application offers the opportunity to write about up to 15 activity descriptions that are up to 700 characters in length
  2.  You can then select three of those activities as most meaningful activities which gives you an additional 1325 characters to elaborate on the activity.

We encourage you to use this space to your advantage, elaborating as much as possible about your roles, responsibilities, the insights you gained, as well as what you have learned from the experience. You should also write in detail about the impact or “difference” you have made through the experience.

Click here to read more about AMCAS Work & Activities Section (With Examples): The Ultimate Guide.

NYU Medical School Application and Secondary Essay Requirements

With regards to letters of reference the NYU requirements are a minimum of two letters and maximum of eight with a committee preferred if your school offers one. We find that most successful NYU applicants have six letters of reference.

NYU Medical School secondary application fee is $100 and the decline is November 15th.

Below are the NYU secondary essay prompts:

NYU Medical School Secondary Essay 1-3
NYU Medical School Secondary Essay 4
NYU Medical School Secondary Essay 5

NYU Medical School Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics

For the 2019-2020 entering medical school class, NYU received 8,937 Applications and interviewed 11.8% of applicants. 21% of applicants interviewed were accepted. A total of 103 students enrolled.

What is the NYU Medical School Acceptance Rate for 2021?

The NYU Medical School acceptance rate is 2.45% making it one of the most competitive medical schools in the country.

What is the NYU Medical School Ranking for 2021?

In 2020, NYU is ranked #9 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Research and #44 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care by U.S. News and World Report.

NYU Medical School Acceptance Rate

NYU Grossman School of Medicine Acceptance Rate

NYU Medical School Interview

NYU holds Multiple Mini Interviews with eight different stations that lasts about one hour in total. The MMI interview is a situational interview where you will be evaluated on “your decision-making, critical-thinking, and communication skills as they relate to healthcare and social issues.” Like many medical schools in the U.S., NYU’s MMI is a hybrid model and includes one traditional interview station that lasts 12 minutes. During this interview you will be asked typical one one one interview questions. NYU conducts a 360 degree interview meaning that faculty, medical students and staff who are trained in the MMI will assess and interview you.

NYU Residency Placement

NYU Residency Match List

As you can imagine, NYU graduates do quite well with many matches in very competitive specialties such as dermatology, neurological surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology and plastic surgery. The average USMLE Step 1 score was 239 which is impressive. NYU’s most popular residency placements were in the following specialties and medical professions:

NYU Medical School Admissions Timeline

In order create an effective NYU medical school admissions plan, use the following medical school timeline to set goals.


It is important to remember that due to the competitiveness of the medical school application process you must submit your documents far in advance of deadlines.  For example, we recommend that your primary application be submitted no later than mid July and your secondary application be completed by the end of August. Of course, depending the applicants profile, there may be exceptions to these “rules,” so please contact our office if you have any questions.

NYU Medical School Admissions Timeline Tips

  • To Learn more about CASPer, click here.
  • We recommend you complete secondary applications within 3 weeks of receiving the prompts.  Click here to learn more about NYU medical school secondary essays.
  • NYU utilizes the MMI interview format. Click here to learn more.

Final Thoughts

Although New York University School of Medicine is a very competitive medical college, it makes sense to apply if you are competitive. However, even tuition-free, keep in mind that living in Manhattan and the surrounding borough of New York City can be expensive. At NYU future students should expect to receive a top-notch medical education and access to a great clinical education and Langone Medical Center. You will also be positioned to match in to the speciality of your choosing and to have a fulfilling career in medicine.

MedEdits Medical Admissions Founder and Chairwoman, Jessica Freedman, MD
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