Pre-Medical Annual Advising Packages

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MedEdits’ Pre-Med Yearly Advising Packages

(ideal for applicants two or more years away from applying)

Assistant Professor Annual Advising Package: $1,200

  1. Four advising sessions via MedEdits’ video conferencing platform or by phone with your physician advisor
  2. Online collaborative workspace
  3. Unlimited messaging

 Professor Premed Annual Advising Package: $2,200

  1. Four advising sessions via MedEdits’ video conferencing platform or by phone
  2. Online collaborative workspace
  3. Unlimited messaging

Assistant Professor

Monthly Payment Plan


(Monthly Cost)

Billed Monthly for 12 Months

Assistant Professor

Annual Payment Plan


(Monthly Cost)
$1,200 Billed Annually

Save $240


Monthly Payment Plan


(Monthly Cost)

Billed Monthly for 12 Months


Annual Payment Plan


(Monthly Cost)
$2,200 Billed Annually

Save $200

Unlimited Messaging via MedEdits Portal

$400 per month

$4000 / billed annually

Premedical Advising: Create a Strategy

With MedEdits’ annual advising package, you will have access to your MedEdits faculty member for an entire year. Receive guidance on all aspects of your premedical experience including what courses to take, what to major in, how to spend your summer, what activities to participate in, and MCAT study/test taking timing.

Designed to offer a comprehensive solution for premedical students more than nine months away from applying to medical school who want continuous and reliable access to a premed advisor, each package includes four formal advising sessions and unlimited messaging with your faculty member via your dedicated collaborative workspace for an entire year.

Premedical annual advising is perfect for:

  • High school students
  • College students
  • Post baccalaureate students
  • Special master’s students
  • Nontraditional applicants

For undergraduate students, MedEdits complements guidance from students’ home schools or current pre-med programs and offers guidance on how to work with your assigned premed advisor.

By working with MedEdits, students are well prepared to apply to medical school when the time comes. 

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MedEdits Pre Med Consulting Workflow:

Efficient, Effective, and Gives you an Edge.

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Advice for Premed Students

What are some goals of premedical advising?

  • Identify the student’s passions and interests, and create a plan to nurture them.
  • Discuss in detail the student’s extracurricular, research, teaching, volunteer and clinical experience. Help the student identify his or her “story” and experience themes.
  • Evaluate the need to enhance the student’s academic record with additional coursework or formal programs.
  • Create a timeline of when to take the MCAT.
  • Discuss premed courses, if applicable.
  • Encourage journaling and writing about experiences.
  • Start developing a framework for the personal statement and application entries.
  • Discuss pre health committee letters.
  • Provide a thorough explanation of the student’s record from the perspective of the medical school admissions committee.
  • Discuss circumstances that may have affected academic and extracurricular performance, and discuss how to address these issues.
  • Discuss who should write letters of reference.
  • Create a master plan with milestones, periodic reviews and meetings until the application is submitted.
  • Complete all admissions documents before June 1st of the application year to ensure early application submission.
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Pre Med Consulting and Premedical Advisor

Work with a MedEdits’ Premedical Advisor

It’s important to realize, many of our students work with their undergraduate offices while utilizing the MedEdits medical advising team. A few of the advising offices our students have worked with concurrently:

  • Johns Hopkins JHU Premed Advising
  • University of Penn Pre Health Advising
  • Harvard Premedical Advising Office
  • Pre Professional Advising Office BU, Boston University
  • Yale Premedical Advising
  • UC Davis Pre Health Advising Office
  • Duke Pre Health Advising Office
  • UC Berkeley Pre Med Advising
  • Pre Med Advising FSU, Florida State University

Of course, there are many other premedical offices at universities across the country.  Remember, you can sign up for a FREE 15 minute consultation and ask how we can work with you.

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