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The ideal way to start working with MedEdits is to schedule a one hour advising session. 

Your faculty member will review your academic materials, experience profile, letter writer portfolio, and MCAT history (if applicable). 

During the session, we will discuss the topics of your choice and/or come up with an overall game plan and timeline to ensure your success. We will offer guidance about the premed and medical school application process that is tailored to your stage of education.

Hourly Advising Fees:

Step 1: Submit Payment

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Step 2: Schedule Your Session

After payment is submitted, we will send you a questionnaire to complete and directions on how to proceed.

*If you do not hear from MedEdits promptly, please check your spam/junk folder or contact us. By submitting payment, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Clients often start working with a MedEdits medical school admissions consultant by having a personalized one hour advising session.  Once registered for the servicewe send the applicant a detailed questionnaire and obtain a full applicant history. Before the session we prepare by reviewing your completed questionnaire and other requested documents. During the session, we discuss topics of your choice such as academic coursework, extracurricular and scholarly interests, MCAT timing, letters of recommendation and address whatever other concerns you have. We will come up with an admissions game plan which serves as the foundation for our future collaborative work. Whether you are years away from submitting an application or preparing to submit this summer, the best way to get started with MedEdits is by having a one hour session with us. The majority of clients continue working with MedEdits after the initial session by purchasing additional advising time or choosing a application package or ongoing advising.

Prepared and Determined: Your Path to Medical School Success

You need a game plan.

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Some topics that can be discussed during hourly advising sessions include:

  • Academic Achievements
  • Scholarly and Extracurricular Activities
  • MCAT Timing and Results
  • Choosing Letters of Reference
  • School and Program Selection
  • Candidacy and Academic Enhancement
  • Application and Academic Timeline
  • Medical School Secondary Essay Prompts
    Residency Advising at it's best.

    How the MedEdits hourly advising works:

    1. Submit payment and schedule a session using.
    2. Complete a questionnaire and return it to us.
    3. Email us additional information such as a CV, resume, rough draft of documents, prior applications.
    4. Your MedEdits faculty advisor will review all of your background information before your session.
    5. Meet with your MedEdits faculty advisor via phone or Zoom.
    6. Your MedEdits faculty advisor will send personalized written feedback within three business days.
    7. Consider purchasing a long term or application package to continue working with MedEdits.

    How the MedEdits hourly advising works:

    MedEdits faculty are uniquely qualified to advise premedical students and medical applicants not only because of their experience and knowledge, but because they are dedicated medical educators who are committed to helping each applicant discover his or her unique path, story, and distinguishing characteristics that can lead to success. Our advisory team collaborates frequently so each client benefits from this combined expertise. We also stay up to date with the academic medical literature, recent statistics, and data. Our unique evidenced-based advising model offers the most up to date information for our clients.
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