A Message from MedEdits Founder and Chair, Jessica Freedman, M.D.

Welcome to MedEdits!

About 16 years ago, I left my faculty position at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to found MedEdits Medical Admissions. As a former medical school and residency admissions officer and faculty member, medical educator, and emergency physician, what I enjoyed most about my “job” was caring for patients and advising students.

Leaving the security and prestige associated with the Mount Sinai name was scary; I was unsure of whether or not private advising was needed or desired. I have been humbled and grateful that MedEdits’ growth since its founding has gone beyond anything I imagined.

I have compiled an outstanding team of former medical educators, physicians, admissions officers, and professional writers/editors. I have structured MedEdits like an academic department with senior and junior faculty and excellent support staff who all work collaboratively in the spirit of education and scholarship.

As a team, we offer students the additional support they need to apply to medical school, residency, and fellowship. We tailor our guidance for each student; some students need comprehensive start to finish support while others might need help only with only one part of the process.

MedEdits Medical Admissions Founder and Chairwoman, Jessica Freedman, MD

Jessica Freedman, M.D.

Finding numerous sources for advice in the medical school admissions process is easy. In fact, parents, cousins, friends, and even your next door neighbor who is a second year medical school student on the medical school interview committee, may be eager to offer their two cents about what you should do to get into medical school.

I am also aware of our numerous competitors you will find on the internet which can be dizzying. Do your research to determine which organization or individual is the right fit for you. Here is what we feel distinguishes MedEdits.

Nothing, however, can replicate our teams’ combined years of work in academic settings together with what we have absorbed while working with students privately.

Take advantage of what I and our MedEdits team have built and created; you won’t find our rare blend of knowledge, wisdom, professionalism, and support anywhere else.

We look forward to partnering with you as you begin your journey into medicine.

Jessica Freedman, M.D.

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