CASPer Test Prep 2021-2022: The Facts

Should I stress about CASPer? Not for a minute.

CASPer Test Prep
CASPer Test Prep

There’s been a lot of talk about the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer).

CASPer Test Prep and What is CASPer?

What is CASPer?

But what is CASPer?

CASPer is a situational judgment test (SJT) used by medical schools (and other institutions) to evaluate how you respond to hypothetical scenarios. 

So you ask, what are medical schools testing for?

The test assesses your personal qualities and characteristics, behavior, character, professionalism, how you think, what your values are, and how you respond to situations. 

So keep in mind:

Using SJT’s like CASPer reflects a more holistic medical school admissions process that attempts to look beyond formal metrics like MCAT scores and GPAs.

I’m often asked: How do I take CASPer?

CASPer is taken online in the comfort of your own home. CASPer test prep is not necessary.

CASPer Test Prep and CASPer Test Dates
CASPer Test Prep and How Long is the CASPer TEST?

First of all:  How long is the CASPer test?

Test takers are presented with a total of 12 scenarios – word-based and video-based. The scenarios are all open-ended and followed by three questions about what YOU would do in the scenario and how YOU would respond. All responses are written. You are given a total of five minutes to answer the three questions. 

What else? Let’s discuss the CASPer web-based scenarios.

Web-based scenarios consist of:

  • A short description of your role in the scenario
  • A 1-2 minute video with someone playing your “role.”
  • Three short questions about how you would respond to the scenario. You are allowed at total of five minutes to respond to the three questions.

Word-based scenarios consist of:

  • A statement to consider.
  • Three short questions that relate to the statement. You are allowed a total of five minutes to respond to all three questions.

Because applicants are given so little time to respond to questions, most written responses consist of only one to three sentences. 

How do I prepare for CASPer?

You don’t! There is no need to prepare for CASPer.

After signing up for CASPer, you will have access to a practice test. This is all you need to prepare.

Our advice is to write only one to two sentences to answer each question. If you have additional time once you are done completing the three questions for the scenario on which you are working, you can then go back and add more information.

The biggest mistake applicants make is writing too much and then running out of time so they can’t complete all of the questions.

As long as you answer the questions honestly, ethically, and show that you can see all sides of a situation, you will do well on the test.

CASPer Test Prep and CASPer TEST Questions

Prepare CASPer Exam

CASPer PreparationCASPer Test Questions

Where can I find sample CASPer scenarios?

The CASPer website offers three sample CASPer scenarios.  So be sure to check the out at:

Once you sign up for CASPer, you will have the opportunity to take a practice test with CASPer sample questions.

We have found that commercially available “CASPer test prep” is misleading and not necessary.

Who evaluates my CASPer responses?

A different individual evaluates each of your CASPer responses. Each evaluator is blinded to your other responses. 

But here’s the deal:

There is never a “right” or “wrong” response to the scenarios since the questions are open-ended and your responses are based on your own ideals and values.

How are my responses evaluated?

Your responses are evaluated on a five point scale from outstanding to poor. Your grammar and writing ability are not part of the assessment.

CASPer Test Prep and CASPER test results

CASPer test results

Will I get my results?

Sorry, you’re not getting your results.

Only the medical schools will receive your results.

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CASPer Test Results MedEdits Guide
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medical schools that require casper and Prepare CASPer Exam

Medical Schools That Require Casper

So you ask, which United States medical schools require CASPer in 2020/2021?

Here’s a list: 

How do medical schools use CASPer?

Keep in mind: 

Your CASPer results are only used in the pre-interview screening process of the medical school admissions process. 

What does this mean?

The results are considered along with your primary and secondary applications, letters of reference and transcripts to decide whether or not you will be invited for an interview. 

So here’s the kicker:

Should I stress about CASPer?

Should I stress about CASPer?

Not for a minute. CASPer results are used by medical schools as a prescreening tool. 

If you are emotionally intelligent and ethical you will do very well. 

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