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At MedEdits, we know that your Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) performance is one of the most vital determinants of your success in the medical school admissions process. We also know that preparing for the MCAT is anxiety provoking, and sifting through the sea of MCAT preparation materials and test prep companies can be an insurmountable task. We are here to help. MedEdits has sought out the most talented, experienced, and professional MCAT tutors in the industry to assist our students.

Best Way to Study for the MCAT

Rather than taking the “one size fits all” approach of a test prep course, our tutors will carefully analyze diagnostic tests to determine your strengths and your weaknesses. This means you won’t waste valuable time relearning information you’ve already mastered or spend too little time on a topic that you don’t understand as well. Or, perhaps you are fluent in most of the content you need to know for the MCAT and, instead, need to focus on test taking strategies.

MCAT Test Prep Books

Drawing upon select commercially available materials and the new suite of MCAT prep resources from the Association of American Medical Colleges, your tutor will suggest what materials best suit your needs. He or she will also tailor tutoring to complement your learning style. By creating goals and assigning homework, your tutor will make you feel empowered while decreasing test anxiety.

What is a good MCAT score?

MCAT Coaching

Your tutor will work with you remotely using an online platform. You will also have access to an online collaborative workspace through which you can track your progress, communicate with your tutor, and schedule appointments.

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MCAT Tutor Rates

Tutoring fees start at $210 per hour and must be purchased in five hour increments. Want to learn more?


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