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What is the difference between Assistant Professor and Professor level advisors?MedEdits’ faculty members are physicians as well as experienced medical educators who are not physicians. The medical school admissions process is holistic and involves 360 degrees of evaluation by physicians and non-physicians alike. MedEdits knows that former medical school faculty who are not physicians can offer tremendous insight and guidance. Ultimately, the choice is yours with regards to whom you work.

Assistant Professor level faculty are all physicians with medical school admissions experience at some of the most selective medical schools in the United States. They are all accomplished physicians in their fields and published academic authors.

Professor level faculty are the most experienced private medical educators and advisors in the industry with a minimum of ten years of medical admissions and advising experience at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States.

Will I work one-on-one with my advisor?Your primary contact will be your primary MedEdits faculty member. However, you will also benefit from our pooled wisdom; we all collaborate frequently.
What distinguishes MedEdits?We get this question often. Please visit our “Why MedEdits?” page for the answer.
Can you match me with an advisor?MedEdits’ client liaison will match you with an advisor based on your background, candidacy, and personal preferences.
Why does MedEdits use professional editors?MedEdits’ physicians and faculty are the best advisors in the medical admissions business. We also know we are superior to our competitors with regards to document review and editing. No, we are not outsourcing your documents to less experienced professionals. To the contrary, our students have access to brilliant writing and editorial experts who team up with your advisor so you outperform other applicants. This added value simply doesn’t have a price tag. MedEdits is proud of our top-notch medical writers and editors and they distinguish our services.

Consider this: Would you ever want an professional editor to do your surgery? By the same token, the best choice might not be to have a doctor or medical educator editing your documents. Doctors never publish articles without professional editorial review. Why would you “publish” your admissions documents with anything less?

There is a reason that our students do so well; it is because he have worked hard for more than twelve years to find the perfect blend of experts to help you achieve the best results.

What if I need to get in touch with you?We pride ourselves on offering excellent service. If you need us, pick up the phone and call us, send an email, or visit our website for an online chat. We know that the medical admissions process is stressful, and we will be available when you need us. You will never speak with a “salesperson” at MedEdits. Everyone who works at MedEdits is a physician or medical educator.

Call us by phone at: (914) 909-3915, email: info@mededits.com, use our website chat, or use the contact form here.

Do you offer payment plans?Yes! Flexible payment plans are available for all packages. Contact us (914) 909-3915 for details.

Will you work with nontraditional applicants and reapplicants?Absolutely! We work with both “nontraditionals” and reapplicants. If you are a reapplicant, we will analyze your previous application(s) as part of your Game Plan session.
If I purchase a package, can I upgrade?Yes! You can upgrade your package at any time.
If I want to get a great residency match, when should I start working with you?Some clients start working with us in early in medical school. Others start working with us late in the third year of medical school or early in the fourth year as they get ready to apply for residency.
If I want to go to medical school when should I start working with you?As soon as possible. Some clients start working with MedEdits before they start college so they have clear idea of what they need to do to be competitive for medical school. Other applicants start working with us during the medical school application year.
How do I start working with you?Most of our clients start working with us by having a Discovery Session when we review your overall candidacy and come up with an overall plan for your success. However, applicants who are in his or her application year might start working immediately on documents by purchasing document editing. If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, please contact our office.
Do you offer any guarantees? What is your success rate?We do not offer any guarantees or promises. While our success rate is impressive, some candidates simply are not competitive for medical school / residency admission. That said, clients who have worked with us comprehensively on every “piece” of the admissions process do very well: 94% of our comprehensive medical school applicants are accepted to allopathic medical schools in the United States and 97% are accepted to osteopathic medical schools. Similarly, 97% of our comprehensive residency clients match in the specialty of their choice – many to their top-choice programs.

Past performance does not guarantee future success rates.

How long is the editing process from start to finish?In large part you determine how long it takes for your documents to be ready for submission. Because we offer detailed commentary on how to improve document content, many clients spend up to a week working on each draft after reviewing and incorporating our suggestions, but others can return drafts to us in 24 hours.
What is the document editing turnaround time?We guarantee that each document revision will be completed in no more two to three business days. If you need a shorter guaranteed turnaround time, please contact us.
How does the editing process work?All editing takes place via email. We use the “track changes” function of Microsoft Word to edit documents and the “comments” function of Microsoft Word to make written suggestions. When we edit, we don’t do only “the basics,” such as correcting your grammar and spelling; we also make in-depth and detailed suggestions about what topics and ideas you should address in your written work.

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