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Find a medical school admissions consulting team you can trust to help you get into medical school. Since 2006, our former admissions officers and medical educators have been helping medical school applicants get in to top schools such as Harvard, Penn, Hopkins, UCSF, and more!

MedEdits Medical Admissions is more than just a “consulting company.” As an organization we embody the ideals, values, and perspectives of medical schools across the United States.

MedEdits is the go-to resource for smart and informed medical school applicants.

MedEdits Success Rates

MedEdits’ students do remarkably well because of our unmatched experience in academic medicine and proven evidenced-based admissions strategies.

At MedEdits, you will never work with a student or someone with little to no experience in medicine. What makes our work so fulfilling is that we, literally, help our students get in to their dream schools.

More than 90% of MedEdits’ students are accepted to medical school the first time they apply. Below you can see a small sampling of the medical schools where our students were accepted last year alone.




You may be wondering:

How does MedEdits compare with other medical school admissions consulting companies?

With MedEdits, you can trust that we have the experience you are looking for.

MedEdits is the only admissions company with consultants who have worked as medical school faculty members as admissions officers, deans, medical educators and attending physicians. We take our responsibilities seriously and, with MedEdits, you can be confident you will work with a medical education professional who has medical school admissions experience. Additionally, your work will be reviewed in detail by a member of our professional editorial team.

Our founder, Dr. Jessica Freedman, a former attending physician at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, structured MedEdits like an academic medical department. 

“At MedEdits, we have been stunned by the advice offered by self-proclaimed experts who have minimal admissions experience, or, even worse, are from outside the medical field. These individuals have no real experience reviewing admissions files, conducting interviews, or sitting on admissions committees at the faculty level.”

What distinguishes MedEdits as the best medical school admissions consulting group from the sea of medical school admissions consulting services and med school coaches who claim to be admissions experts? MedEdits faculty have extensive hands-on experience in medicine, medical education, admissions, writing, and editing.

We are not the following:

  1. We are not former premeds who never made it to medical school and trained in other disciplines.
  2. We are not medical school graduates who never completed residency training.
  3. We are not self-taught entrepreneurs without experience in medical admissions, clinical medicine, and medical education.
  4. We are not community physicians with zero admissions experience beyond our own medical educations and training (residency and fellowship).
  5. We are not someone’s “side hustle.” This is our full time commitment and we won’t be reviewing documents or answering calls “between cases” or “after work.”

Sadly, the majority of people in the medical school admissions consulting industry fall in to at least one of the categories listed above.

At MedEdits, we are true insiders. We have made the difficult admissions decisions and are privy to the inner workings of the school of medicine admissions process and understand the politics of academic medicine. We also know what it means to practice clinical medicine and work in competitive academic medical settings as attending physicians and medical school faculty members. (If you don’t understand the hierarchy of academic medicine, you are not alone. Educating yourself will help you realize why working with us will offer you the greatest benefit!)

Want more information about what sets MedEdits apart in 2020?

Read: Why MedEdits Medical Admissions?

Or, sign up for a free consultation.

Here is the bottom line:

MedEdits proven holistic approach will get you the best admissions results.

Using our proven and holistic approach, we guide premedical students so they are poised to do well in the medical school admissions process.

  • What should you major in?
  • How should you spend your summers?
  • When should you take the MCAT?
  • Is your MCAT score high enough?
  • Who should write your medical school letters of recommendation?

Then, when it is time to apply to medical school, through our comprehensive medical school admissions consulting services, we will:

  1. Create a medical school application timeline to make sure you stay organized.
  2. Help you choose the best medical school letter of recommendation profile.
  3. Help you compose a medical school list that guarantees your success by ensuring you apply to the right number of reach, target, and “safest” medical schools based on your background, MCAT, GPA and MedEdits’ internal database for accepted students.
  4. Guide you to write an exceptional medical school personal statement and work and activities entries so you highlight what sets you a part as a person and a medical school applicant. Our document review and editing process is our specialty and helps students earn interviews they might not otherwise receive. We help you draw out the best stories and anecdotes to tell your narrative so it appeals to the wide spectrum of admissions officers who will read your application.
  5. Help you compose stellar secondary essays that effectively address prompts.
  6. Prepare you for medical school interviews – VITA, MMI, and traditional – so you are comfortable with the process, confident, and perform well.
  7. Guide you if you end up on a waitlist at a top choice school and help you to write an impactful letter of intent.
  8. Answer all of your medical school admissions questions and serve as a calming and reassuring voice along the way!

Whether you are aiming to get in to a California medical school, a New York medical school, a Texas medical schoolHarvard Medical School or trying to decide between DO vs. MD medical school, our medical school admissions consulting team can help!

Finally, when you are accepted to medical school, we celebrate!!!! We can then help you on the road to residency once you are a medical student.

Our medical school admission consultant reviews reflect our intensity and commitment to students.

Now, here is the big question:

Why does medical school admissions committee and medical education experience matter?

We believe that past medical school admissions committee experience is crucial for the person or people who guide you. Why? Anyone can find publicly available admissions data online.

Ironically, the smartest Harvard or Stanford Medical School graduate might the worst person to assist you because he or she likely has only anecdotal advice and a very narrow knowledge based on student admissions committee member experience.

Rather, it is understanding the inside scoop and nuances related to the medical education and admissions processes at the attending/faculty level and attending national medical association insider meetings that allow us to interpret admissions data with a more critical lens.

We are also able to advise the most competitive applicant as well as the person who has a flaw or two in her background. This insight is what you should be paying for when hiring an advisor.

MedEdits was founded based on the ideals of an academic medical department and is comprised of a team of educators with a variety of backgrounds who work collaboratively in the spirit of scholarship. We have lived and breathed medical school admissions for years and continue to do so. Read a message from our founder, Dr. Jessica Freedman, to discover more about MedEdits’ history and mission.

We believe that past medical school admissions committee experience is crucial for the person or people who guide you. 

Our experience in academic medicine and admissions allows us to guide you so you stand out in the medical school admissions process by highlighting your distinctive journey to medicine.

medical school admissions consulting and academic medicine heirarchy mededits

Medical School Admissions Consulting Fundamentals

We understand how stressful and confusing the medical school admissions process can be. In fact, even if you have done all the “right things” to be a competitive applicant such as getting the best MCAT and GPA, shadowing, doing research, engaging in community service, and having strong letters of reference, you know there is no guarantee you will be admitted. After all, about 60% of medical school applicants are not accepted every year.

You may also be concerned about how you compare to other applicants since it seems, on the surface, that all medical school applicants have similar experiences. You are not alone; every premed student has the same fear. Even applicants with stellar GPAs and MCATs are not accepted.

This is where MedEdits medical school admissions consulting experts can help. Our experience in clinical medicine, academic medicine, and medical school admissions allows us to guide you so you stand out in the medical school admissions process by highlighting your distinctive journey to medicine. Through our individually tailored medical school admissions consulting program we will ensure you tell your most intriguing story through your written application materials to earn the most medical school interviews possible.

The MedEdits personalized team approach is so successful because we are true insiders who have been privy to how medical school admissions decisions are made. The resources and guidance we offer medical school applicants is unmatched. MedEdits proven results speaks for itself. For 15 years, more than 90 percent of MedEdits’ students have been accepted to medical school the first time they apply. 

Now, let’s answer some of your most pressing questions.

You may be wondering:

Do you only work with students who want to go to top medical schools?

Medical School Admissions Consulting and Medical College Admission Consultant 2020-2021

No! For more than 15 years, MedEdits has been working with applicants from a broad range of backgrounds aspiring to get in to a variety of medical schools across the country. Some of our students aspire to get in to top medical schools while others are hoping for med school admissions anywhere they can get in. At MedEdits we know how to highlight the most distinguishing aspects of your background so you stand out from other pre meds in the applicant pool.

When should I start working with MedEdits?

Some students start working with us as early as high school while others start during the medical school application year. A lot depends on when a student or parent “finds us” or seeks out or help. We can start working with applicants at any time during the medical admissions process.

You might be asking yourself:

Can I talk to someone?

Of course. We are always available to speak with students and parents. Call 914-909-3915 our office or sign up for a FREE 15 minute consultation. The good news is that you will always speak with someone knowledgable and informed.

Still not convinced?

Read more about The MedEdits Difference.

When you read our medical school admissions consulting reviews, you’ll see why MedEdits is considered the best medical school admissions consultant. 

Medical School Admissions Consulting and The Ultimate Guide Getting into Medical School ebook
Medical School Admissions Consulting and The Ultimate Guide for Getting into Medical School ebook

This guide will help you understand our proven medical school admissions consulting strategies.

MedEdits Medical Admissions Founder and Chairwoman, Jessica Freedman, MD
JESSICA FREEDMAN, M.D., is president of MedEdits Medical Admissions and author of the MedEdits Guide to Medical Admissions and The Medical School Interview. Follow Dr. Freedman and MedEdits on Facebook and Twitter.
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