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Medical School Reapplicant Services

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We understand how painful it is to be a medical school reapplicant. Every year, we work with medical school reapplicants by evaluating their previous medical school application(s) and identifying what went wrong and what can be done to improve their chances of acceptance when they reapply. Sometimes, our assessment identifies one simple reason for a lack of success but, more typically, we identify several things the reapplicant can do to dramatically improve the likelihood of admission. As part of a repplication analysis, we review your previous verified application, list of letter writers, personal statement, application entries, school list and discuss your interview experience (if applicable). We will identify not only what you did wrong, but, will suggest what you could do to improve your chances of medical school admission.

MedEdits: Medical School ReapplicantAs a part of a Reapplication Analysis we will

  • Suggest what to do during your gap year.

    • By identifying what is missing from your candidacy, we will suggest in what type of activities you should become involved.
  • Discuss when you should reapply.

    • Many reapplicants need more than one year to improve their candidacies for medical school admission. We will discuss the overall timing of your application and what you need to do to put your best foot forward.
  • Evaluate the need for academic enhancement:

    • Some applicants do not have the academic profile to be competitive for medical school admission. Will will discuss the possibility of enrolling in a special master’s or post baccalaureate program or taking additional coursework to improve the academic record.
  • Help you compose a winning reapplication*:

    • When it is time to reapply, we will start from square one with your documents and guide you to compose compelling and engaging written materials. We will start with your reapplication personal statement, application and reapplication medical school selection strategy.
  • Discuss your interview experience:

    • If you had interviews, we will talk about what went wrong and what you could improve upon.  We will help you create a reapplicant interview strategy.

*Additional fees apply for editing and mock interview services

  • Talk about other options:

    • For some medical school reapplicants, if the chance of admission to an allopathic medical school in the United States is slim, they might consider applying to osteopathic or off-shore medical schools. We will discuss the pros and cons of each.

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Schedule your one hour Reapplication Analysis:

Fee: $600

(One hour via phone or Skype; includes pre-review of written materials and written feedback)

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