Secondary Essay Prompts for the New York University School of Medicine

Below are the secondary essay prompts for the New York University School of Medicine in New York, NY.

2016 – 2017

  • If applicable, please comment on significant fluctuations in your academic record which are not explained elsewhere on your application.
  • If you have taken any time off from your studies, either during or after college, please describe what you have done during this time and your reasons for doing so.
  • The following questions are designed to assess ways in which you embody our institution’s core values.
  • The Admissions Committee uses a holistic approach to evaluate a wide range of student qualities and life experiences that are complementary to demonstrated academic excellence, strong interpersonal skills and leadership potential. (2500 characters)
  • What unique qualities or experiences do you possess that would contribute specifically to the NYU School of Medicine community? (2500 characters)
  • The ultimate goal of our institution is to produce a population of physicians with a collective desire to improve health of all segments of our society through the outstanding patient care, research and education. In this context, where do you see your future medical career (academic medicine, research, public health, primary care, business/law, etc.) and why? Your answer need not be restricted to one category. If your plans require that you complete a dual degree program, please elaborate here. (2500 characters)


Please answer one of the following three questions:

  • The most meaningful achievements are often non-academic in nature. Describe the personal accomplishment that makes you most proud. Why is this important to you? (2500 characters)
  • Conflicts arise daily from differences in perspectives, priorities, world views and traditions. How do you define respect? Describe a situation in which you found it challenging to remain respectful while facing differences? (2500 characters)
  • Describe a situation in which working with a colleague, family member or friend has been challenging. How did you resolve, if at all, the situation as a team and what did you gain from the experience that will benefit you as a future health care provider? (2500 characters)

Secondary Essay Prompts for Other Schools


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*Data collected from MSAR 2016-2017 and institution website.
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