Secondary Essay Prompts for the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Below are the secondary essay prompts for the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in Roanoke, VA.

2016 – 2017

  • VTC’s curriculum fosters a culture of compassion through its community service learning initiatives. Through their inter-professional learning group projects (IPL), students demonstrate leadership and innovation while making a positive difference in the community. Describe an event or a time when your personal contribution was instrumental to the success of a team or made a positive impact on someone else’s life. (500-600 words)
  • VTC is committed to strengthening the diversity of its community. Through interactions with a heterogeneous population, people broaden their knowledge about other cultures and ultimately develop the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with others. Tell us about how your life experience has broadened your perspective of the world and relate how you would add to the diversity of your class, if admitted to VTC. (500-600 words)
  • Also, there was an optional essay to update VTCSOM on activities not mentioned on AMCAS.

Secondary Essay Prompts for Other Schools


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*Data collected from MSAR 2016-2017 and institution website.
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