The Medical School Personal Statement

Sometimes a little inspiration helps.

The Medical School Personal Statement

The Medical School Personal Statement

Open with a story?

How should you start your medical school personal statement? You hear conflicting advice. Some tell you not to open with a story. Others tell you to always begin with a story. Regardless of the advice you receive, be sure to do three things:

Be true to yourself.

Everyone will have an opinion regarding what you should and should not write. Follow your own instincts. Your personal statement should be a reflection of you, and only you.

Start your personal statement with something catchy.

Whether you choose to write about a pivotal experience in your life that inspired your interest in medicine, or a personal experience that is very meaningful, be sure to capture your reader’s interest at the outset.

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Start writing now!

Composing a great medical school personal statement takes time.

Make sure your personal statement is about you!

Your medical school personal statement is not the place to write about your views or about other people.

Your application materials must be authentic, but sometimes a little inspiration helps. Read The MedEdits Guide to Medical School Admissions. There you will find examples of ‘successful’ personal statements and application entries.

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