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MedEdits Osteopathic medical school admissions packages.

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The vast majority of osteopathic medical school applicants who work with MedEdits are accepted to osteopathic medical schools. Some of our clients have pristine records, but, many have a candidacy flaw (or two) such as a less than ideal MCAT score, poor grades, or a circuitous path to medical school. 

Some of MedEditsclients come to us knowing an osteopathic medical career is in their futures and only apply to osteopathic medical schools. Others are borderlineallopathic medical school candidates and apply to osteopathic medical schools as a viable and attractive option.

Regardless of the situation you are in, we can help smooth out the edges of your candidacy, turning your liabilities in to assets, so you shine.

MedEdits clients have success that is unmatched. As former medical school admissions officers and medical school faculty who have also worked with students privately for more than seven years, students have access to our wisdom, knowledge and insight which gives them a distinct advantage in the osteopathic medical school admissions process.

Applying to Texas medical schools via TMDSAS? Check out our TMDSAS primary application packages.

Applying to MD/PhD programs? Check out our MD/PhD packages.

Do you plan to apply to medical school in one year or more? Not ready to commit to a medical school admissions package? Consider having a Discovery Session.

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Osteopathic Medical School Admissions Packages (AACOMAS)

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Not convinced that working with MedEdits will give you an edge? Review our clients’ success and testimonials.

MedEdits offers packages for applicants to BS/MD accelerated programs. Please sign up for a FREE 15 minute consultation or call us to learn more.

We’re proud of our students.

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Also visit our osteopathic medical school admission success page, click here.

What distinguishes MedEdits Services?

Content Overhaul
We do more than just review your grammar. Our extensive content suggestions will allow you to focus your personal statement to highlight your strengths and distinguishing experiences. Our document review process is truly unique and allows our clients to win interviews they might otherwise lose.

Wisdom & Expertise
MedEdits is recognized as the nation’s leading medical admissions company. Our reputation for excellence is based on our unmatched experience in academic medicine, record of success, and personalized service.

Dedicated Team
Our team of expert medical educators have worked as faculty at medical schools across this country. And none of us works in a vacuum — we collaborate. MedEdits clients benefit from our pool of expertise.

Compassion and Understanding
We realize how stressful the admissions process can be. At MedEdits, we advise each client with support and understanding.

Applicant Coordinator
At MedEdits, we take good care of you. This is our full time job. Clients are assigned an applicant coordinator who helps with all logistics related to your work with us.

Discovery Session
We will work with you one-on-one to devise a personalized strategy that will optimize your success. Topics discussed include academic coursework, extracurricular involvement, letter writers, MCAT timing, and how to approach your admissions documents.

Professional Editorial Review
Every document revision is edited by an experienced professional editor whom Dr. Freedman has trained in the art of medical admissions.

Personal Statement Edit
We will make extensive valuable suggestions to improve your personal statement content. We ensure that your statement showcases your most important experiences. Of course, we also review your grammar, syntax and sentence structure!

Application Entry Edit
We will make extensive valuable suggestions to improve your application entry content. We ensure that your entries showcase your experiences and insights. Of course, we also review your grammar, syntax and sentence structure!

Letter of Intent Editing
If you are waitlisted, it is important to communicate to your top-choice choice school effectively. We help you craft an effective letter of intent to improve your chance of being accepted at your #1 pick!

Mock Interview
Practice makes perfect. We will ask you the “basic questions” as well as the “tough ones.” By helping you to understand how to present yourself and your experiences in these sessions, you will feel confident and empowered. All mock interviews include personalized written feedback.

Student-Centered Approach
Our team, as a whole, takes great pride in the work we do, and this applicant-centered view defines our commitment to the clients we serve.

Evidence-Based Advising
We attend the annual Association of American Medical Colleges meeting and read the academic medicine literature to stay up to date with the most recent statistics and data. This allows us to serve as a cutting edge resource.

Individually designed packages are available to suit each client’s needs.