AMCAS Verification Timeline: The Absolute Guide (2023-2024)

What is required for AMCAS verification and how can you avoid delays?

AMCAS Verification Guide
AMCAS Verification Guide

We find that many nervous medical school applicants are confused about the AMCAS verification timeline and process as well as what is required for the application to be verified. Do your transcripts need to be received? What about letters of recommendation? Casper? Find the answers to all of your questions about AMCAS verification below.

Required for AMCAS Verification

1. A completed AMCAS application

This includes completing all written sections of the AMCAS application including identifying information, schools attended, course work, work/activities, and essays (personal statement).

2. Apply to at Least One Medical School

You must apply to at least one medical school to be verified.

3. Official transcripts 

Official transcripts from all colleges where you have taken or attempted college coursework must be received by AMCAS to be verified! Your GPA will only be calculated by AMCAS once your application is verified.

Not Required for AMCAS Verification

1. Letters of Recommendation

Your AMCAS application will be verified even if your letters of recommendation are not yet received. However, medical school are unlikely to actually review your application without letters of recommendation.

2. A Full School List

You are required to apply to at least one medical school to be verified but you can add medical schools after you submit and this will not delay the verification process. We often advise students to submit a full school list, for example, if the student has a pending MCAT score.

3. MCAT Scores 

MCAT scores will be sent automatically to all medical schools you apply to be they ARE NOT required for your application to be verified.

4. Casper Results

Medical schools have different policies about Casper but scores are not required for verification.

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How Long Does AMCAS Verification Take?

AMCAS verification typically takes anywhere from two to six weeks. Usually the process is faster early in the admissions cycle and takes longer as the volume of applications increases.

Common Reasons for Delayed AMCAS Verification

Keep in mind that transcripts that are sent via snail mail rather than electronically, can take longer to be received. Mistakes with coursework reporting and transcripts are the most common reasons application verification can be delayed. 

To avoid problems with your AMCAS verification, remember:

  1. You must include grades for all repeated coursework.
  2. You must send transcripts from every college where you have taken or attempted undergraduate coursework in the U.S. and Canada. This includes college courses taken in high school.
  3. Use the transcript request form on AMCAS which matches your transcript with your application.
  4. Get official transcripts to have at your side when you enter your coursework. It must be listed chronologically and EXACTLY as it appears on the transcript. This allows your verifier to match up your transcript with what you have entered on the application.
  5. If study abroad courses were sponsored by a U.S. or Canadian institution, you are not required to submit foreign transcripts. Enter your study abroad courses exactly as they appear on the U.S. or Canadian institution’s transcript.

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AMCAS Verification Timeline (2023-2024)

AMCAS opens on May 2, 2023. The earliest you can submit your AMCAS application is May 30, 2023

After you have submitted your AMCAS application and AMCAS has received all transcripts, the verification process can begin. Verification mainly involves confirming coursework and grades earned. AMCAS staff compare everything listed on your transcripts with what you entered in the AMCAS application. This is why you must be very careful when entering all coursework. 

Verification usually takes anywhere from two to six weeks assuming there are no issues with verification.

The first date that verified AMCAS applications are transmitted to medical schools is June 30, 2023. After that, verified applications are transmitted as they are completed.

Checking AMCAS Verification Status

You can check the status of your AMCAS application at anytime by logging in to your portal on the main menu and click “View all Document Status.” When you do this, you will receive one of the following Status Updates:

  1. Not Submitted to AMCAS: You have initiated your AMCAS application but your application has not been certified and submitted to AMCAS.
  2. Submitted to AMCAS – Waiting for Transcripts: AMCAS has received your application. Required transcripts have not been received for review.
  3. Submitted to AMCAS – Ready for Review: AMCAS has received a copy of all required transcripts and has placed the application in line to be reviewed by an AMCAS verifier.
  4. Submitted to AMCAS – Under Review: A verifier is reviewing your application. You will be notified if there are any additional transcripts needed for processing.
  5. Submitted to AMCAS – Financial Hold: You have certified and submitted your AMCAS application. However, AMCAS is unable to process your application until you resolve the financial hold associated with your application.
  6. Submitted to AMCAS – Incorrect Coursework: You have certified and submitted your AMCAS application. However, your application is on hold due to incorrect coursework in your application. 
  7. Submitted to AMCAS – Incorrect Documents: You have certified and submitted your AMCAS application. However, your application is on hold due to incorrect documents associated with your application.
  8. Returned to Applicant: Application has been returned to you for missing coursework or failing to enter an original grade for a repeated course.
  9. AMCAS Processing is Complete: Application has been made available to your designated medical schools.
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