4 Tips on How to Write Medical School Application Entries and Your Personal Statement

Medical school, residency, and fellowship documents should follow these principles.

4 Tips on How to Write Med School Application Entries & Your Personal Statement

When writing your application entries and personal statement for AMCAS, AACOMAS, or TMDSAS, or ERAS (medical school, residency or fellowship) it is important to consider the follow these 4 tips on how to write application entries and your personal statement.

Application Entries and Personal Statement, Complement Each Other

Complement Each Other

  • Your application entries and personal statement must complement each other. It is important to consider your entries and personal statement as a whole.

Medical School Personal Statement and Application Entries: Say something new

Say Something New

  • Your personal statement should say something new that isn’t stated in your application entries. However, it is okay if the topics covered in your personal statement overlap with your most meaningful entries.

Medical School Personal Statement and Application Entries. “Show” rather than “tell.”

“Show” rather than “tell.”

  • “Show” rather than “tell.” Use examples and anecdotes to illustrate your values and accomplishments.  Keep the reader engaged.

MedEdits Background and Experiences

Your Background and Experiences

  • Delve into your background and experiences to say something unique in your personal statement. Oftentimes, applicants shy away from the very things that make them stand out.

There is an emphasis on a holistic approach of reviewing applicants for medical school, residency, and fellowship.  It is essential that you emphasize how you would contribute to the overall diversity of the student body or program.  Be authentic and sincere. Don’t try to tell admissions committees or program directors what you think they want to hear!

At MedEdits, we have been working with applicants for over a decade helping them to follow these four principles so that their primary application gives them the foundation to successfully move forward in the application process.

Example Personal Statement

Below is an example of a medical school personal statement which may help guide you.  Click on the text to enlarge.

MedEdits: Sample Medical School Personal Statement, Page 1


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