MedEdits Winter Months Challenge

I encourage applicants to think of the medical school admissions process as fluid. Assuming you are not accepted to your top choice school right off the bat, it is important to provide medical schools with more evidence that you are an excellent candidate. What can you do to convince a top choice medical school that it should interview or accept you?

1) Send an update letter. Include academic updates, such as first semester grades and information about any recent accomplishments. You should also express your specific interest in the school to which you are writing.

2) Send a letter of intent. If you are waitlisted or have already interviewed but have not heard from your top-choice school, send a letter of intent. Include the information outlined above, and also explicitly state that the school is your #1 choice and, if accepted, you will attend.

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3) Send additional letters of reference. It is always wise to send new letters of reference from individuals who support your candidacy.

4) Recruit an advocate. Your premed advisor, professor, or mentor can call the admissions office of a school in which you are interested to offer support for your candidacy.

Remember, submitting your application often is just the beginning of the medical school admissions process. You must embrace a proactive role throughout the application cycle until you have been accepted to the medical school that you will attend.

Updated: January 4th, 2017


Dr. Jessica Freedman
Dr. Jessica Freedman


JESSICA FREEDMAN, M.D., is president of MedEdits Medical Admissions and author of the MedEdits Guide to Medical Admissions and The Medical School Interview. Follow Dr. Freedman and MedEdits on Facebook andTwitter.





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