Tiffany asks: I work in California and was invited to a medical school interview in New York in December. Is it okay if I call the other New York and East Coast schools [or programs] to which I applied to ask let them know that I will be in the area?

I’m often asked this question this time of year.

So what should you do?

Unless a school or program explicitly asks you not to make contact, it is perfectly acceptable to call medical schools and residency programs from which you haven’t heard to let them know you will be in the area.

Let me explain further.

My clients have had tremendous success using this approach.


When you call the admissions office, explain why you are calling and that you are trying to economize by grouping your interviews.

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This is an expensive process.

Everyone knows the medical school and residency admissions processes are costly and understands this reasoning.

Ideally, the person who answers your call will pull up your admissions file, bringing it to the top of the pile and expedite your review. Politely let this person know you’re organizing your time and finances.

Assuming your candidacy appeals to the reviewer, you may then be extended an interview earlier than you might have otherwise.

This is an ideal situation.

Interview Season Strategy: Calling Other Medical Schools If You Will Be “In The Area” For Another Interview
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