AMCAS® Most Meaningful Entry Example for 2022-2023

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AMCAS® application and most meaningful entries for 2022-2023

We find that most applicants are misinterpreting how to complete the AMCAS® entries and the most meaningful entries.   Also, we would recommend you read my AMCAS® Most Meaningful Entry Examples for 2022-2023 application. The MedEdits Guide to Medical School Admissions has examples of “regular” experience descriptions and “most meaningful entries” as well as personal statements, secondary essays, and other admissions documents and can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


AMCAS® entries and the most meaningful entries

Here is an example of an AMCAS® most meaningful entry from the book:

Most Meaningful Experience Summary: I look forward to the Sunday mornings I spend with HIV patients. My conversations with them have revealed these patients’ great physical suffering; I have also learned how HIV steals independence and inflicts solitude. These patient interactions illustrate the human toll of disease and enhances my dedication to serving others as a physician.

I make the most of the time I spend with these patients because I know that these interactions have great potential to make a difference. I reach out to the individuals who always sit alone, making sure they remember to order lunch. I enjoy making the child of a patient feel comfortable as his mom receives her medication. I encourage the patient working with his speech pathologist to use his alphabet card to better enunciate words while he discusses his favorite pop star with me over lunch.

Having come to learn and use the names of the Sunday crowd, I know I offer them an enhanced sense of security and belonging. Witnessing how diseases can affect mothers with small children and people of all races, ages and backgrounds and seeing the changes in the health of the patients I serve week to week have made me aware of the bleak realities of illness. This experience has increased my respect for individuals in need as well as my desire to serve them.


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