Medical School Admissions: The Importance of Applying Early and When To Take The MCAT

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Discovery Session


We cannot stress enough the importance of applying early to gain admission to medical school. As we explain to our clients, you will increase your chances of receiving interviews if you are considered in a smaller pool of applicants. Clients with roughly the same stats and accomplishments tend to have greater success when they apply early versus late. This also means taking the MCAT as early as possible. Remember, if you take an August MCAT, this puts you in the “late bucket” of applications. While applicants have success if they take the August MCAT, you will optimize your chances of success if you take an earlier exam.

Free Consults: Medical School AdmissionsWe encourage clients to retain our services as soon as possible for the 2016/2017 application season. Because of our clients’ success this year, we expect to become booked as next season progresses. Ideally, you should submit applications in early June for the 2016/2017 season.

If you are applying this year and have either not received interviews or have only received waitlists thus far, you must also start to think about reapplying if this becomes necessary.

Dr. Jessica Freedman

JESSICA FREEDMAN, M.D., is president of MedEdits Medical Admissions and author of the MedEdits Guide to Medical Admissions and The Medical School Interview. Follow Dr. Freedman and MedEdits on Facebook and Twitter.  Do you have a question about this post or other medical admissions topics?  Post it below and we’ll respond.

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