Can Osteopathic Medical Students Match into Allopathic Residencies?

See a list of where DO medical students are most likely to match.

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You attend an osteopathic medical school and are considering applying for the allopathic residency match in September. Can Osteopathic Medical Students Match Into Allopathic Residencies? According to the National Residency Match Program, 2,933 D.O. applicants matched in March 2017. Which specialties matched the most osteopathic medical graduates? Read on for the top five specialties for D.O. applicants.

Top Five Medical Specialties

(Osteopathic graduates matched to PGY-1 positions by specialty, 2017)

  1. Internal medicine (categorical), 690 applicants matched
  2. Family medicine, 574 applicants matched
  3. Pediatrics (categorical), 361 applicants matched
  4. Emergency medicine, 283 applicants matched
  5. Psychiatry (categorical), 216 applicants matched
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