The College Common Application: A Crash Course

Increase your chances of completing your college applications with time to spare.

The Common Application: A Crash Course

The Common Application: A Crash Course College Application Process

College Application Process

The Common Application: A Crash Course. The lazy days of summer are a thing of the past for most high school students eager to get a jump start on the college application process. But the good news that the more rising seniors do during July and August, the more they can relax during that first semester of senior year when tensions mount significantly. Between trying to maintain their stellar GPAs, studying for that last round of SATs or ACTs, and working on their personal statements and writing supplements, savvy students (or the younger siblings of those who have done this before) know to begin as early as possible.

college common application

Common App Website

One of the most low-stress ways to enter the fray is to make an account on the Common App website to familiarize yourself with the process. Get started by inputting the simple information and click around to see what’s what. The earlier you begin doing these things, the more time you will have later to draft, edit, and revise the more complicated and “important” areas: the personal statement, the activities section, and the sometimes-overlooked, school-specific supplemental writing questions.

The Common Application: A Crash Course Other Aspects

Other Aspects of the College Application Process

Getting acquainted with the Common App site will also remind students of other perhaps-unknown (or forgotten) aspects of the college application process, such as getting letters of recommendation (including those for specialized programs or departments, or a whole other application for a particular program within the context of a larger school). Being able to see and understand everything that needs to get done on The Common App site increases students’ chances of completing their applications with time to spare.


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