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Hire MedEdits and stand out from the crowd.

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Hire MedEdits and stand out from the crowd

MedEdits consultants are all experienced academic medical educators who pride themselves in providing support to, and working with, students. All of our consultants have served on medical admissions committees for at least five years and have made pivotal decisions about applicants’ fates. Dr. Jessica Freedman, our company’s founder, has hand selected each consultant to ensure that he or she upholds MedEdits ideals by offering the most up to date guidance, based on knowledge and experience, with professionalism and warmth.

Whether you choose Dr. Freedman and MedEdits for med school interview prep, mentoring, admissions consulting, or editing services, we help you achieve success. Our medical school admissions consulting services have a proven track record of success of helping passionate students get into the medical school of their dreams.