What is the Medical School Admissions BCPM GPA?

Understand this important premedical calculation.

Learn about the BCPM GPA
Learn about the BCPM GPA

For those of you applying to medical school in the future, you should be aware that your grade point average (GPA) will be broken down into 3 categories on your medical school application:

Total premedical GPA

  • Total: This is your average GPA for all of your courses.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math GPA (Learn about the BCPM GPA)

  • BCPM: This is your average GPA for all courses that are considered biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Sometimes it is not obvious which courses are considered BCPM. If you are unsure, you should refer to the American Medical College Application Service Classification Guide.

All other GPA

  • AO (all other): This category includes all courses that are not considered BCPM.
Learn about the BCPM GPA.
Learn about the BCPM GPA.

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Undergraduate and graduate grades are converted to “AMCAS grades” (0.0 to 4.0 scale) based on conversion information from the institution at which the grades were earned. For more information about how your grades will be converted and viewed on your AMCAS application, contact your registrar and refer to the AMCAS Grade Conversion Chart and the AMCAS Instruction Manual.

When entering your coursework and grades into the medical school application, be vigilant. Any errors can result in a miscalculated GPA or verification delay. I advise applicants to have a copy of all transcripts to refer to when entering coursework and grades. EVERY course in which you have ever enrolled at any U.S., U.S. Territorial, or Canadian post-secondary institution, must be entered regardless of the credit earned, withdrawals, or grade earned.

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