A client of mine recently had a residency interview that went something like this:

1) Introduction of the program (30 minutes)

2) Hospital tour (30 minutes)

3) Round robin interview session (60 minutes)
There were three interviewers who interviewed roughly 20 candidates in only one hour. How can anyone make a judgement about someone if they spend, literally, only five – 10 minutes “interviewing” them.
Residency Interview
I will revisit this topic later in the season as I gather more data to see if this is a trend. Have any readers had similar experiences? Would you like it if your resident physician was chosen based on only three, five minute interviews?

Residency Success Story

  • “I matched  for Radiology (#1 choice!)! I am incredibly thrilled, and wanted to thank you and your whole team for your help in making my application and interview season the best it could be. Ever since our strategizing chat all the way back in the midst of hurricane sandy (wow that does seem like a while ago) you’ve given me incredible advice that I believe played a large role in putting me in the position I am in today. Of course I also have to acknowledge and thank you again for your advice that guided my second and successful application to medical school all the way back in 2010. Your services and advice are SPOT ON and thank you again for you and you r teams hard work and assistance!”

–Residency & Medical School Client


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