Thursday, February 22, 2018

Premedical Postbaccalaureate Programs and Premedical Special Master’s Programs Discovery Session Services

Postbaccalaureate and Special Master’s Pre-Medical Program Discovery Session Services

Some decide after college to pursue a career in medicine while others do not focus on premed courses in college or don’t do well enough academically to gain admission to medical school.

These nontraditional applicants have several excellent options for post baccalaureate medical programs, which are described more fully below.

Premedical Postbaccalaureate Programs

Some individuals decide after college to pursue careers in medicine and enroll in postbaccalaureate programs to complete their medical school prerequisites. The best postbaccalaureate programs are competitive, and applicants can choose to work directly with Dr. Jessica Freedman or with MedEdits’ editors to help them gain admission to these programs.

Premedical Special Master’s Programs

Specifically designed for applicants who need to improve their academic credentials before applying to medical school, special master’s degree programs can help first time applicants and reapplicants gain admission to medical school. The best special master’s degree programs are competitive, and Dr. Freedman can help you decide if attending one of them is the best choice for you. Alternatively, applicants who require help only with their application essays may choose to work with MedEdits’ editors.

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