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How to help your child to become a doctor

Parents’ Concerns

At MedEdits, we understand that parents want the best for their children. The medical admissions process can be as daunting and anxiety provoking for you, as a parent, as it is for your son or daughter. Sometimes students don’t have access to skilled counselors at their home institutions. School advisors and medical school faculty often lack the experience, maturity and insight to really help. Advisors can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of students they advise, which limits their availability. Or, you and your child may want to do everything possible to gain an edge in the medical admissions process. This is where we come in.

How to get your child into medical school

Supplementing Guidance

MedEdits supplements the guidance that students receive at their home institutions. By working one on one with an applicant, MedEdits develops a personalized strategy to help him or her gain admission to medical school, residency or fellowship. We also provide general mentoring and career guidance along with medical school admissions consulting. Everyone at MedEdits knows how to motivate and inspire and, when necessary, how to be firm in a constructive wayHiring MedEdits Medical Admissions is an investment in your child’s education and future.

Our Medical School Admissions Leadership

Click Here for a more complete list of our founder’s, Dr. Jessica Freedman, past experiences and publications.

Dr. Freedman’s experiences have help her to identified some essentials that a good advisor must have to provide sound advice. We uphold every faculty member on our team to extremely high standards. Dr. Freedman only hires professionals who possess superior knowledge, experience, skills, and interpersonal abilities.

MedEdits Medical Admissions Founder and Chairwoman, Jessica Freedman, MD

When evaluating our competitors and asking how your child can get into medical school, do your research and ask the following questions:

Medical School Advising
Does the individual with whom you will work have actual admissions experience in the arena to which your child is applying?We believe that if he or she does not have the right background, the insight your child receives may be extremely limited or flat out wrong. Ask, specifically, “have you worked on a medical school admissions committee” or “have you worked on a residency admissions committee,” depending on which of these questions applies to your child’s situation. If the answer is “no,” go elsewhere. Dr. Freedman started gaining experience in medical admissions when she was a medical student and, since then, has worked on both medical school and residency admissions committees as a faculty member. She knows it takes years of experience to gain enough insight regarding this process to help others succeed. This is why all MedEdits faculty have extensive experience in academic medicine and admissions, making them highly qualified medical school admissions consultants.
Has the private advisor served on faculty at a major medical school?This, too, is an essential ingredient to provide the best advice to students. Many companies – both advising and editing – hire current medical students or recent medical school graduates to work for them. Would you hire a business school student or recent graduate to manage your retirement savings? Would you hire a law student to navigate your legal case? Some private physician advisors have never worked as faculty in competitive academic environments which, again, means they have limited real life experience. Every member of our faculty has worked in academic medical centers.
Does the individual have professional writing experience?You are hiring someone to work on documents that will influence your child’s success. Unless the individual you hire is a great writer, you may compromise your child’s admission to medical school or residency. At MedEdits, only professional editors, who are trained extensively in the art of medical school admissions, work on your application documents.
How does the person or company you hire stay up to date with advances in medical education?Experience, when supplemented with knowledge, can provide a powerful advantage for your child. Advances and trends in medical education are always changing and if the person with whom you work is not constantly working to improve his or her own knowledge, this can be a disadvantage. All MedEdits faculty attend national and local meetings focused on medical education and read academic journals to stay up to date. We also have internal faculty meetings and collaborate frequently.

It is our pleasure to answer any questions you might have about medical admissions in general and about the benefits of hiring a private counselor.

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See what other parents of premeds are saying about MedEdits

“Thank you so much for helping my son last year with his Six Year Med Program. He is very happy to get his first choice. He already finished his first year. My husband and I just like to say thank you so much for the work you are doing to help young people. God bless you and keep you HAPPY AND HEALTHY so you can keep working. THANKS AGAIN.”
–Parent of BS/MD Client

“I believe it was all because of your step by step guidance and coaching/mentoring that you provided [my son] over the course of the year, on how to put his best foot forward in various situations that he has had success. He now has acceptances from a number of medical schools and will soon make his choice. I am very appreciative of your help for him during the process and thank you for all you did for him…Thanks in advance, and I hope [my son] will turn back to you when he is starting to think about residency programs etc. Once again, thank you so very much and let me know if there is anything I can do for you.”
–Parent of Medical School Client

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