Medical School Interviews: What to Wear

You’ve received several medical school interviews and are concerned that you’re not up to date on interview fashion. You concerned that you don’t know what to wear for medical school interviews.

Well, you’re not alone.

An outstanding applicant of mine who will be attending a top medical school in New York City this fall and had the same concerns last year, offered the following tips based on her observations during interviews:

1) Interviews are like first dates. Do people ever go on first dates without any foundation? Always wear foundation.
2) Don’t wear chunky, or multiple chunky rings.
3) Velvet jacket. Seriously?
4) Baggy suits. Bagginess went out of style in 1999. Nobody wears a 5 button suit anymore. Consult GQ style guide 2017 for pointers.
5) Texting while walking during interviews. Never.

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Also, see what others are wearing.

Med school Interview Outfit Male

Take a look at this 2017-2018 Student Doctor Network thread.

Med school Interview Outfit Female

Take a look at this 2017-2018 Student Doctor Network thread.

Many interviewers are not style mavens so most won’t notice if you are wearing something that dates back to the 90s.


It is important to look and act like a professional.


Be sure to turn off the cell phone.


Take off the black nail polish,

And never,

Wear any over-the-top fashion accessories.

medical school interview attire

Medical School Interview Attire


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