I find that some applicants misinterpret how to complete the AMCAS® activities entries for the 2016 -2017 application. For clarification, please read the MedEdits Guide to Medical School Admissions which has examples of “regular” experience entries and “most meaningful entries” as well as personal statements, secondary essays, and other admissions documents and can be […]Continue reading

It’s Match Day 2014! Congratulations to everyone matching today from MedEdits! If you worked with us this year, please let us know where you match! Call us in the office at 646.217.4674 or email: info@mededits.com   Join Our Email ListEmail: For Email Marketing you can trust

Congratulations to all MedEdits residency clients who matched this year. While many of our clients had “flawless” candidacies, we are also happy to report that those with challenges also did well. MedEdits residency clients this year included second and third time residency applicants, Caribbean medical students, non-US citizen international medical graduates, and students who had […]Continue reading

MedEdits medical school applicants are having tremendous success in the medical school admissions process thus far. See where the MedEdits Class of 2012 has interviews so far. If you are applying to medical school in the near future and desire similar results, start working with us early! Want to see what other successful medical school […]Continue reading

This summer at MedEdits was a busy one, and I am emerging from my hibernation with my computer and Skype connection to reconnect with our MedEdits followers. The hard work and dedication at MedEdits have paid off; many of our medical school applicants have already received interviews at outstanding schools such as Yale, Cornell, UCSF, […]Continue reading

By Jessica Freedman MD, www.MedEdits.com When prospective clients call me for help, they often ask about my “success rate.” My standard answer when asked this question is that we don’t quote success rates because if my primary concern was about achieving a certain success rate, then I would be limited to working only with clients […]Continue reading

>MedEdits clients are already receiving medical school interview invitations for the 2009/2010 application season! Please contact us if you are interested in working with us for the 2010/2011 application season. MedEdits: www.MedEdits.com

>Nearly 30,000 applicants participated in the match this year making this the most competitive match in history. MedEdits is proud that we had clients match in several of the most competitive specialties based on the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) data including dermatology, orthopaedic surgery, radiation oncology, otolaryngology and emergency medicine. The NRMP produced an […]Continue reading