You attend an osteopathic medical school and are considering applying for the allopathic residency match in September. According to the National Residency Match Program, 2,339 D.O. applicants matched last year (March 2015). Which specialties matched the most osteopathic medical graduates? Read on for the top five specialties for D.O. applicants. Top Five Specialties (Osteopathic graduates […]Continue reading

Most residency applicants have not found themselves in the interviewee seat since they applied to medical school. Well, the residency interview is somewhat different from the medical school interview. Because you have now nearly graduated from medical school (for the traditional applicant), no one is trying to assess your commitment to medicine; rather, they are […]Continue reading

The competition to get a residency is fierce. In 2013, more than 34,000 residency applicants competed for only 26,392 positions. What can you do to make yourself a more competitive applicant? How To Be an All-Star Residency Match Applicant is a concise and straightforward guide which is perfect for the busy medical student and residency […]Continue reading