MEDICAL SCHOOL INTERVIEW PREP YOU GOT THE INTERVIEW YOU WANTED. NOW WHAT? BE PREPARED. BE CONFIDENT. PRACTICE WITH US. The interview is the most important factor in the medical school admissions process. Practice with our former medical school admissions officers, the most experienced and established medical educators in the industry. We have helped thousands of applicants […]Continue reading

  Some pitfalls of the medical school interview are obvious: Don’t ramble, don’t say “um” too much, don’t be rude to people, don’t chew gum and don’t greet your interviewer like this: “Hey Dave. It is great to meet you. I read everything I could find about you on the internet.” But what pitfalls might […]Continue reading

  It may only be July 30th, but MedEdits clients already have medical school interview invitations!!! We congratulate our students and see this as a good sign of things to come! However, it is still very early in the medical school admissions process so don’t worry if you aren’t at the interview stage yet! We […]Continue reading