According to the National Residency Match Program, 6,301 international medical graduate applicants matched last year (March 2015). Which specialties matched the most international medical graduates? See the list below for the top five specialties for IMGs. Top Five Specialties (Foreign-trained physicians matched to PGY-1 positions by specialty, 2015) Internal medicine (categorical), 2,763 applicants matched Family […]Continue reading

December 29th, 2014 Read Dr. Freedman’s latest latest article about Osteopathic Medicine in a recent edition of the U.S. News & World Report Medical School Admissions Doctor. Fewer than 50 percent of medical school applicants to traditional allopathic medical schools are accepted, which leaves many applicants wondering about their other options.  These include osteopathic or off-shore […]Continue reading

An intriguing article in the New York Times today discusses that New York State medical schools are taking an initiative to limit the clinical rotations that Caribbean medical students can complete in the state. This article presents a wonderful overview of many issues facing Caribbean medical students. New York officials argue that Caribbean schools produce […]Continue reading

By Jessica Freedman, MD, MedEdits The Governmental Accountability Office recently recommended that the Department of Education collect information from US loan recipients who attend foreign medical schools. Some people question if this is a worthy investment since some students who receive these funds may never graduate from medical school or receive residency matches. Dr. Freedman […]Continue reading

An article published in the New York Times yesterday is a must read for medical school applicants, current medical students and international medical graduates. The article discusses the planned opening of new medical schools and the impact this will have on medical school admissions and health care in this country. While reading this article, keep […]Continue reading