We have been receiving a lot of questions about MCAT dates and USMLE procedures.  Below are links to help guide you.  Click here for MCAT test dates, score reporting dates, and additional information.     Click here for USMLE scheduling and test date information.   COUNTDOWN TO OUR NEXT ADMISSIONS FREE SEMINAR/WEBINAR. SIGN UP BELOW! SPACE […]Continue reading

Ironically, I find that medical students who attend schools that are considered below the top tier, put more pressure on themselves to study for, and perform well on, the United States Licensing Exam Step 1 (USMLE), which is taken at the end of the second year of medical school. With so many online preparation programs […]Continue reading

02/23/2015 Deciding whether or not to do away electives can be one of the toughest decisions applicants make when planning the fourth year schedule. Generally speaking, most applicants to more competitive specialties (surgical specialties, dermatology, emergency medicine & anesthesiology) do away electives whereas applicants to primary care specialties often do not. What are your goals […]Continue reading