If you are applying to medical school through the Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service®* (TMDSAS®), you can submit your application now! What are the major differences between TMDSAS® and The American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®)? 1) The TMDSAS® personal statement can be up to 5000 characters (including spaces) whereas the AMCAS® personal […]Continue reading

A client wrote me today and asked: “Dr. Freedman, I am confused about my secondary essays. What should I write about?” I encourage clients to read secondary essay prompts carefully. Many applicants don’t answer the actual question that is being asked. It is important to say something fresh that isn’t stated elsewhere in your application. […]Continue reading

I heard I should complete all of my secondary essays within 24 hours of receiving them. I heard the secondaries don’t matter. I heard the secondaries are the most important part of the application. Needless to say, there are many myths about secondary essays floating around. Alot of them, like those above, are not true. […]Continue reading

>I find that there are two major pitfalls when applicants complete secondary essays: 1) Applicants do not address the prompts or the questions asked. Students understand the secondary essay is a place to convince the admissions member that you have something unique to offer. And, while this is true, do this within the context of […]Continue reading